I’ve gotten my fair share of fan art since writing So Sang The Dawn, and it’s so much fun for me to see how my characters are perceived in the imaginations of everyone else.

Today I’m giving a little shout out to one of my good friends and artists, Rebeka Borshevsky. Rebeka and I have a unique friendship. She actually reached out to me last year from my website, to tell me how touched she was by my personal life story on my About The Author page. It was such a thrilling moment for me, because it wasn’t my book she was encouraged by, it was me. I’ll never forget that feeling.

After getting that email from Rebeka, which happened only a handful of weeks after Dawn had been published, I felt like I was finished — in a good way — like I made it, like I accomplished what I had set out to do, and like everything that would follow was just an added bonus. Whenever I get discouraged, I go back to read Rebeka’s first email and remind myself that I’ve already done my job, that I’m living in the “extra”.

Rebeka and I have formed a really amazing friendship over this last year and keep in close contact. She got a hold of a copy of my book (my very first international copy sold!) and became so enamored with the story and the characters that she started drawing fan art for me as she read. I got a wonderful surprise this past summer when she sent me the physical drawings of her fan art all the way from Canada.

Rebeka’s on to a new journey herself — she’s going to be moving across the world in a matter of months to teach English in South Korea. I’m so proud of her for taking up this calling (something I don’t think I could ever do) and I’m so excited to see all of the lives she impacts.

To earn money for her trip, she’s taking in commissions for artwork! Her character sketches are so lovely, and I’ll post a few of the ones she’s done for me. You can also check out a portfolio of her work here, or on her Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re interested in getting a character commission done, it’s $10 for a black and white sketch, or $15 for a full color. You can contact her on either of her social media pages or by dropping her an email at inblottedbeka@gmail.com.

Thank you, Rebeka for all your lovely work to bring my characters to life and thank you for all your encouragement to keep writing. I wish you the best on this new and exciting venture!