This page is dedicated to all of the people who came alongside me and helped to make So Sang The Dawn a reality:


To Adam Pavese, my brother and best friend, who has never actually read So Sang The Dawn “because reading.” No one will ever understand me the way you do. You showed me how to be confident with who I am, gave me an eye for design, and taught me to never settle. And even though you’re not a reader, you undoubtedly carried this book in its final stages with marketing, web design, and the gorgeous book cover.


To Jacquie Bosma, the first person to ever lay eyes on my work when I was still a bashful writer afraid to share her words. You were there at the start of my journey and I’ll never forget those long drives through the mountains where we talked writing for hours on end. You’ll always be my favorite author.


To Aly Clark, my writing bestie and the one who showed me the true meaning of a writing partner. You helped me to heal in more ways than you’ll ever know, and some of my fondest writing memories are of staying up until unearthly hours to swap chapter pieces with you.


To Rebekah DeVall, the what-if girl and my inspiring example to never stop pushing myself. You showed me a million worlds beyond myself, both real and imagined, and your larger-than-life imagination taught my own story world how to grow even bigger than I ever thought possible.


To Windy Ellis, the girl after my own heart, whose late night conversations kept me going long after I wanted to give up, and whose unmatched knowledge enriched my story world that much more. Not only did you lend your wisdom and support, but you proved to me that being a rebel writer is truly a beautiful thing and always worth the risk.


To Tammy Lash, who showed me an amazing example of what it means to heal from past hurts, not only with her writing, but with her full and beautiful life itself. You were the reason I chose to self-publish, and without you, I would still be waiting for someone else to make my dream come true.


To Jason and Ashley McLeod, who carried their beta copy of Dawn all over the continent, determined to finish it. Your gradual comments of praises and critiques kept me going in the final days before publishing, when the doubts began to close in.


And to Mom, who tried to pass off her beta copy to all her friends, and who went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to get my words published. You’ll always be my best marketer.