Seventeen-year-old Aurora Ballern has never had quite a normal life. As an orphaned ward of the state, she’s been sent to live out her existence at the city’s most prestigious boarding school while waiting to be adopted. The only family she’s ever known is her best friend and boarding school roommate, Raine Fording. As the two girls approach their final year of school, they find themselves longing more and more for escape from the confining walls of the academy, but when escape comes in the form of a kidnapping, everything they’ve ever known changes in an instant.

They wake to find themselves captives in the strange and somehow intriguing land of Frostholm, a mountainous region of vast forests and continual snow, completely undiscovered by the rest of the world. The warlord responsible for their capture is ruthless and unwavering in his demands that Aurora become a warrior and take lives for his kingdom, on the grounds that if she refuses, Raine will pay the ultimate price.

While in captivity, Aurora and Raine strive to cling to their unfaltering devotion to one another, though eventually, the lines between love and survival begin to blur, and their sacrifices become much steeper than they ever thought possible. Even in the midst of their greatest darkness, they’ll discover that hope can always be found, and that though the pain of night seems endless, the light of dawn will always return.